25 / Mar / 2019
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Park brake control valve maintenance and operational requirements for Nissan CK330, CW330, CW380, CW400, CG380, CW400
and CG400 vehicles manufactured between 1993–2005.

The Nissan Diesel Owner’s Manual recommends that the park brake hand control valve is overhauled at 12-month intervals.
It also recommends that the valve’s operation is thoroughly checked by a qualified diesel technician when the vehicle is
being serviced or if there is concern about its operation. 

As some of these vehicles have been in service for some time (up to 24 years old as of 2017), it is important to test the operation of these valves more frequently.

Because of the exposure to everyday working conditions and numerous applications this valve can make during a normal working day it should also be part of the drivers daily pre-start checks.

Points of note when testing the hand control operation

  • When rotating the hand control handle it should move freely and should be spring loaded to the OFF position (Figure 1, item 3: rotational spring)
  • The release handle lock must move freely up and be spring loaded down to the lock position
  • With the hand brake applied and in locked position it should not be able to be released (rotated) without lifting the release handle.

If there are faults found with the above checks the valve must be inspected/replaced before the vehicle is put into service.

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