Wellington Water is committed to improving the safety performance of the organisation as a whole, including its full supply chain and assets it manages. As such, health and safety will be a priority of leadership during all planning and design phases.


Guidance on Wellington Water’s Safety in Design process is contained in the two documents below:


Safety in Design Process: Process

This process applies where significant changes to plant, substance or structure are planned in maintaining, reinstating, upgrading, decommissioning and other activities involving Wellington Water managed assets and services. As such this procedure applies in any of the following situations:

  • changing work practices, procedures or the work environment;
  • purchasing new or used equipment or using new substances;
  • planning to improve productivity or reduce costs; and
  • designing and planning significant changes to a plant, substance or structure


Risk Assessment Register:   - Risk Assessment Register

The risk register is a spreadsheet-style template that contains prompts for assessing common risks, as well as guidance notes, checklists and references.