Lowry Bay investigations

Published 03/12/2019

The Wellington Water barge and rig moved from Evans Bay to Lowry Bay on Saturday, 30 November to continue marine investigations.

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Published 22/11/2019

Wellington Water is currently undertaking some night works on the barge in Evans Bay.

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Watching out for whales

Published 08/11/2019

An orca has been spotted cruising in Wellington harbour.

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Evans Bay Marina investigations

Published 18/10/2019

Geotechnical investigations are underway in the Evans Bay Marina during 23-30 October.

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New surveys advance pipeline route and design

Published 09/10/2019

We're getting closer to finalising the best route for the Cross-Harbour Pipeline with a series of investigations being carried out in Evans Bay and Lowry Bay during October and November.

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Geotech surveys underway

Published 21/08/2019

We're doing a series of underwater geotechnical surveys as part of working out the route and design for the Cross Harbour Pipeline

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Marine surveys kick off Cross-Harbour Pipeline project

Published 15/04/2019

Marine scientists from Cawthron Institute have completed a series of surveys in Wellington Harbour to help inform the location for the new Cross Harbour Pipeline.

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