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We all love water, but we also need to take care of our water, to help us enjoy it all year round.

Love Every Drop is all about doing both - letting you know the ways, times and places where your actions can make the most difference - as well as enjoying and celebrating water!

How it works

We're a community of water lovers, and want to share with you how we love and look after our water, and hear from you about how you love our water.

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Love Every Drop for four seasons

Every season poses it's own issues when it comes to water use, wastage, and infrastructure.

We had a hot summer over 2017/18, and demand for water was going up when supply was going down. As a result we were using the water in our storage lakes earlier than usual, and the region introduced a sprinkler ban. 

Our community of water lovers were up to the challenge though, and the region made significant efforts to reduce their water use, and report wastage (through leak detection) — good work Wellington!

During the cooler months it's important to continue to conserve water, even if it's raining outside.

Find out where your water comes from, and why it's important to Love Every Drop all year round.


Use a bit less - indoors

From brushing teeth to buying new appliances, there are many ways to use a bit (or a lot) less water “indoors” while getting the job done well:


Showers - Showering is the biggest use of water per household in the winter. By shortening your shower by just 1 minute you can save 15L of water per shower. Alternatively, if you want to warm up, have a bath: taking a bath is the equivalent of a 6 minute shower.


Toilet - Amazingly, a single flush of the toilet can use 6 litres of water. One of the simplest ways to save water is to put a large object in your cistern to lessen the volume per flush. And if it's yellow, let it mellow!


Brushing your teeth - Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, and run it at a low flow rate when on. This simple act will save litres of water every time you brush. Taps use around 6 litres of water a minute, so leaving the tap running for just 2 minutes a day adds up to 168 litres a fortnight - enough to fill 3 rubbish bags!


Fix the drip - One drip per second from a leaky tap can add up to around 28 litres a day or 2,500 litres every 3 months, that’s enough to fill a skip bin! Fix that leaky tap by replacing the washer or give your local plumber
a call.


Washing machine - Did you know a full Washing Machine can use up to 100L of water per load? Save up your washing and save water as well by only washing one full Load rather than several smaller loads.


Use a bit less - outside

In your garden - Mulch your garden to keep moisture in. Control your hose with a flow "trigger gun" or water carefully by hand (with a hose or a watering can). Choose plants well suited to local conditions.

Washing your car - A running hose delivers about 10-15 litres per minute, so even a few minutes of unnecessary hose use - or leaving it running into the gutter - can waste a lot of water. wash your car with a bucket and sponge.

Cleaning your property - Sweep hard surfaces, rather than hosing them clean. A broom and dustpan will get paths and driveways clean enough without wasting litres of water to chase a few twigs and leaves away.

Setting up a rainwater tank - Diverting rainwater from your downpipe to a storage tank is a great way to reduce your use of treated water, especially for gardening or outdoor cleaning. It can also increase your options in the event of a water supply emergency. More on setting up a rainwater tank 

More on water smart outdoor tips


Wellington Water Meter

Water Meter levels 07 white background


Welcome to the Watch Every Drop Water Meter. This is how we’ll let you know what’s going on with water supply during the summer months.

This will be updated according to water supply around the region and you can check in at anytime if you’re unsure about your water activities.

There are garden watering restrictions around the region (Wellington, Porirua, and Lower Hutt) during daylight saving months (and all year round in Upper Hutt). These restrictions allow for the use of:

  • A single watering system (sprinkler, irrigation system, soaker hose, or unattended hose) between 6-8am and 7-9pm.
  • On allocated watering days:
    • Even-numbered houses on even dates of the month (2nd, 4th, 16th etc.)
    • Odd-numbered houses on odd dates of the month (1st, 3rd, 11th etc.)

For more information click here.



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