30 / Nov / 2021

Monday 29 November 2021

Water Committee meets to discuss water conservation and our 30-year investment plan. 

The Wellington Water Committee met today (Monday 29 November) to discuss a range of work programmes, including water conservation this summer and the 30-year investment plan.  

Committee Chair Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry spoke about the importance of conserving water now in order to prepare to meet demand over the summer months.

“Wellington Water has been planning for the minimum levels of water they can supply if we are faced with an extended drought period and demand remains high,” he said.

“In this scenario, people may need to start looking at their indoor water use to help Wellington Water manage supply.

“We can all do little things that collectively will make a big impact, such as taking shorter showers, no longer than 4 minutes.”

The Committee also reviewed a 30-year investment plan put forward by Wellington Water.

In September, the Committee, the Wellington Water Board, and iwi representatives held a workshop to discuss and agree the region’s investment direction and key activities.

“This plan sets out our priorities for the next three decades and beyond, to help provide a sense of the scale and scope of the issues, and how they might be addressed,” said Mayor Barry.

“This plan gives us the chance to take a longer view of investment in the region’s water assets and infrastructure. Regardless of changes ahead, we need to ensure that our water infrastructure meets the standards our community expects.”

“With this long-term regional view, we need to ensure that we continue to have attractive career options in the three waters sector so it was good to get an update from Wellington Water on their plan to improve training, development and pathways for our frontline workforce.”

Wellington Water also provided an update on their work around the viability of smart meters. The next step of this work is to engage with the market to understand what technology is available.

More tips to save water can be found on the Wellington Water website – https://www.wellingtonwater.co.nz/your-water/drinking-water/looking-after-your-water/water-conservation/