Wastewater contamination of inner Wellington Harbour resolved

17 / Jun / 2019

A fat blockage in the network that caused the overflow of wastewater in the Wellington harbour near Shed 5 has now been resolved.

Last week it was suspected that there was a wastewater contamination in Wellington harbour, and swimmers were advised to stay out of the water.  On June 12, the fat blockage found in the pipes along Brandon St was located and cleared.

Steve Hutchison, Chief Advisor Wastewater said these overflow events can be avoided through everyday actions. “If washed down the sink, fats and oils can build up in our pipes causing blockages. It’s best to wait for fats and oils to cool then wipe them into the bin.”

Investigations into the contamination also revealed a number of wastewater pipe joints that had come apart under Queen’s Wharf. Limited access due to tides and permitting conditions meant these were addressed at a later date on June 15.

IMG 2268

Suspected wastewater entering Wellington Harbour 

Harbour 12 June

Duck near stormwater pipe in inner harbour

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