11 / Jan / 2021

Due to an increase in water demand and low river flows, a residential sprinkler and irrigation system ban in Featherston and Greytown will take effect from 5:00pm on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Wellington Water says it can sustainably supply Featherston and Greytown at around 3.3 million litres per day, but over the last seven days, usage has been over 3.9 million litres per day and this is unsustainable.

Historically, water demand over the summer months can exceed supply, but the current usage is too high for this time of the year and there is still the rest of summer to go, with plenty of warm weather ahead.

There will be enough for everyone if we:

  • Use hand held watering methods for your garden – alternate day watering still applies - even numbered properties on even numbered dates and odd numbered properties on odd numbered dates
  • Following water saving tips like using buckets to wash the car, or a broom to sweep the path, rather than the hose.
  • Report leaks - if you notice any leaks, please call the South Wairarapa District Council on (06) 306 9611, so we can move on repairing these promptly.

What the ban means:

  • All unattended residential watering systems are banned.
  • Alternative day watering still applies - careful watering by hand is still permitted – this includes hoses
  • Councils, golf courses and bowling greens are asked to manage their watering programmes carefully.

Tips to save water:

  • Use mulch to keep soil moist.
  • Only water your garden when absolutely necessary – check soil moisture levels 10cm below the surface.
  • Collect water from your roof or shower, or use greywater for watering your garden.

Wellington Water Contact

Tamsin Vuetilovoni
Manager, Communications and Engagement
021 346 951