17 / Jul / 2021

Featherston and Greytown asked to limit water use until further notice

Residents of Featherston and Greytown are asked to conserve water until further notice to prevent another interruption to supply due to heavy rainfall.

“Heavy rainfall and high river levels has resulted in high levels of cloudy water in the bores supplying Greytown and Featherston. This is similar to the events in recent weeks which resulted in an unexpected interruption to the water supply,” says Laurence Edwards, Chief Advisor Drinking Water, Wellington Water.

“To prevent this from happening again, we’re asking the community to help by limiting water use as much as possible until further notice.”

“These measures have been taken to ensure that there is enough clean, clear, and safe drinking water for the community.”

For more information, and water saving tips, please visit: watcheverydrop.nz, for inside water saving tips and outside water saving tips.




Media contact: media@wellingtonwater.co.nz or 021 302 259