16 / Jul / 2021

There are over 150 people in Wellington Water’s Customer Operations Group, operating the three waters networks with the support of subcontractors and officers from our client councils.

To provide safe and healthy drinking water to the Wellington region and to maintain stormwater and wastewater systems, there needs to be a high level of security at key network access points. Among a host of other controls, that means a whole lot of locks.

Across our service area, there are around 2,500 padlocks protecting access. That’s a lot of keys that need to be managed, available, and kept secure.

We’re now working with councils to implement a Bluetooth padlock system which will eliminate security risks, save time, and provide additional data to improve safety.

The system works through a digital code generated on demand. It can be done from and for remote locations and because the app works via Bluetooth only, no cell phone coverage is required for use.

Access can be time limited, and all data is easily accessible, including when the lock was opened and closed, who opened or closed it, where the lock is and its remaining battery life. In instances where an individual has had a problem on site and the lock has been left open, the administrator will be able to easily identify who opened the lock which provides additional health and safety benefits.

The Bluetooth locks cost less than standard padlocks and have a battery life of three years or more.